Step 1 - Create a Chia wallet

Download and install a wallet from any of the links below:

Official Chia client (standalone wallet app for Windows, Mac and Linux)

Goby (wallet extension for Chrome and Brave)

Pawket (wallet app for iOS and Android)

Step 2 - Buy or trade XCH

XCH is the cryptocurrency of the Chia blockchain.

You can buy or trade xch on the following markets:


Once you have a wallet and at least 1 xch in it, you are ready to purchase your NFT.

Step 3 - Accept Offerfile

If you are using the official Chia client, you can complete the trade by accepting the offerfile below, that is by accepting to pay 1 xch and a small transaction fee from your wallet in exchange for 1 Birth of Futuradora NFT.

Copy your private offerfile text from below and paste it in the Chia client to purchase your NFT.